One Power — God


Recently I wondered why I had been feeling somewhat down. Nothing in particular appeared to be wrong; but after some soul searching, I realized that I’ve been resenting certain actions.

With more prayer it became clear to me that I have not made an error impersonal. I have been seeing some people as channels for error, accepting this false picture as real, and therefore feeling defeated. Then I woke up. I saw that to continue believing that there is more than one Mind, one God, one Power, one infinite Presence, one source of action and intelligence, is sinful. It breaks the very first commandment, to have only one God!

More and more, I am learning not to make a reality of any so-called evil power. Having recognized the many “isms” and organizations or groups that attempt to present themselves as other powers, my responsibility is to hold steadfastly in my thinking to the fact that there is and can be no power apart from God. I must also know that no “body” influences me nor could influence me. I pray for the courage to do God’s will, to be where and when He wants me, and to know He alone governs my thoughts, speech, and actions. It is His love that inspires me and leads me.

As Jesus’ example, he lived and walked among sinners and sinfulness. But his thought was always with the Father to the extent that he was always ready to recognize the error. Due to his obedience to see perfection everywhere, he had the power of the Christ to do God’s will.

It is my responsibility to know these truths for myself and others, who may be building up subtly in their thinking the lie that there can be other powers that can influence man. This indulgence becomes mesmeric, making real the very lies that need vanquishing.

I am realizing a freedom that can only come from adherence to the truthful fact of God’s allness, all-presence, all-intelligence, and all source of action — and I thank God for it!

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