Our Grand Birthright


Mary Baker Eddy writes in Miscellaneous Writings, on page 181, “Is man’s spiritual sonship a personal gift to man, or is it the reality of his being, in divine Science? Man’s knowledge of this grand verity gives him power to demonstrate his divine Principle, which in turn is requisite in order to understand his sonship, or unity with God, good.”

What a wonderful birthright, the birthright of every person! I find this as an imperative truth which will change so much when it’s finally understood by mankind everywhere. To me this knowing is what enables us to challenge any discord or suggestion of imperfection that may tempt us.

For example, for suggestions of lack we could say, our Father is rich, how can we be poor. As Hymn 224 says, “While Christ is rich, can I be poor?”

For suggestions of sickness we can question and not just take it, as I used to. Instead, we should ask, “Where is this from? Who is saying that? Did God send this? No!” God’s own child cannot be sick.

For suggestions of fear, if God is Love and I’m Love’s own child, and it is Love that casteth out fear, so where is it?

For relationship problems, I can say and know that since God fills all space and there is only Love among us all, where is the hatred or animosity? And again as our Hymn 266 says “None who are truly born of God can live in enmity.” All we need to live harmoniously is what Christ Jesus demonstrated, and through Mrs. Eddy, has been explained as to how we can live it.

I am so grateful for the spirit of salvation, of true freedom that Mrs. Eddy has given us through all her writings, and that so many who also followed her have given us in their writings. These truths help banish all the false beliefs about ourselves, and about those also whom we think of. Father-Mother God, grant us peace, grant us the knowledge of this wonderful truth that helps us feel Your Love.

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