Peace Amid the Storm


This was the most peaceful flight I have ever had. It gave me an idea of what it must have been like when Christ Jesus slept undisturbed during the raging sea storm.

Before a recent flight home, the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms. Sure enough, right at the start of the flight, our plane experienced turbulence that was quite severe. I started to pray immediately with the thought that all is Mind and all is in Mind; that all flights, drivers, cars, trains, and buses everywhere were in Mind and secure.

When lightning struck and the plane shook, I held to the Truth. Soon the words of hymn 148 in the Christian Science hymnal came to my thought: “In heavenly Love abiding, no change my heart shall fear.” This line from that hymn, “the storm may roar without me,” particularly comforted me. I remembered Christ Jesus’ perfect peace in the storm on the Sea of Galilee because of his loyalty to Truth. I refused to look at the lightning and held my thought to the Truth. The turbulence did not stop completely, but I was amazed at the peace I felt throughout the length of the flight. Everything was calm when we landed; the rain had stopped, and there was no thunder or lightning.

I was so grateful that I had the opportunity to actually feel what perfect peace there can be if we remain faithful to Truth during any storm. I am so grateful for Christ Jesus’ example, Mrs. Eddy’s teaching, and for all that I have learned and am learning from Plainfield Church.

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