Response to Article Criticizing Christian Science


This letter is in response to an article in The Guardian ( titled, “Dying the Christian Science Way: the Horror of My Father’s Last Days,” by Caroline Fraser. It is a gross mischaracterization of Christian Science and an outright misstatement and misrepresentation of Christian Science and its saving message.

My experience with Christian Science is quite contrary to what Ms. Caroline Fraser shared about this way of life, which has saved and blessed so many.

I was not raised a Christian Scientist, but my father read Science and Health, and it was his own healing from a stroke, with Christian Science treatment, after the physicians gave him just three days to live, that made my sister and me explore Christian Science. He lived seventeen years after that healing. I am eternally grateful we were led to find out the truth about its healing and saving message.

To trivialize Christian Science as some human theory that forbids medical care of its students is far from the truth. That shows lack of understanding of its textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which is read with the Bible. Living Christian Science has preventative as well as curative benefits. Unfortunately, many only want the quick healings without the moral regeneration and spiritual understanding, which benefits a healthier way of thinking and living and a better foundation for treating oneself.

Ms. Fraser’s “unfortunate” account, makes one doubt whether the true practice of Christian Science had been her experience; especially as she refers to her own father as being “abusive and full of rage.” Part of the discipline in Science is to aid the healing of such ill emotions as fear, anxiety, anger, irritability, resentment, sensuality, impatience, hatred, envy, jealousy, and so on. Eradication of such emotions fosters healing and regeneration of character, an imperative part of living what Christian Science teaches.

I have not understood Christian Science to forbid anyone from seeking medical care if that is what their understanding permits at the time. I was a medical nurse for over 20 years before I started studying and practicing what Christian Science teaches. I have had many healings and much has been prevented as a result, not to mention the invaluable transformation in how I think, see myself and others now. Let’s not forget the many mistakes and horrific failures that can occur under medical health care as well, not to mention the many side effects from drug use.

To vilify Mary Baker Eddy in instances when healing is not achieved is like saying just because someone mistakenly got 2+2=5, that means 2+2 is not 4. She sacrificed her life for this Cause, so that mankind may gain this saving revelation of freedom from the bondage of sin, sickness, fear, etc. Yes, there are many damaging aspects and deficiencies in the main organization, some of which Ms. Fraser alluded to in her article. However, the human organization is not what the Christ Truth is. Mrs. Eddy said, “As time moves on, the healing elements of pure Christianity will be fairly dealt with; they will be sought and taught, and will glow in all the grandeur of universal goodness.” (Science and Health, pg. 329) That day will come when its Truth will reign when all else fails; when that day comes I hope the Guardian will still be around to publish that too.

The following words sum the eternality of the Christ Truth in Christian Science; it will not die because its Truth cannot die.

Hymn 337

From The Christian Science Hymnal

Theories, which thousands cherish,

Pass like clouds that sweep the sky;

Creeds and dogmas all may perish;

Truth Herself can never die.

Worldlings blindly may refuse Her,

Close their eyes and call it night;

Learned scoffers may abuse Her,

But they cannot quench Her light.

Thrones may totter, empires crumble,

All their glories cease to be;

While She, Christlike, crowns the humble,

And from bondage sets them free.

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