Treasure Your Spiritual Birthright!


I am so grateful that Christian Science teaches us to re-learn who we are the right way, in the way that God sees us.

It becomes quite clear that all of us, whatever our bad experiences may have been and are, have largely shaped the way we think about ourselves. Sometimes it’s because of how we were taught, how we were treated, how we were brought up, or what the belief was then — or if we just never understood that being a true child of God means that we have all, we don’t lack anything.

We do not have to accept the wrong thoughts that come. Most of us have lived with these wrong beliefs and have suffered the effects of them. What alarms me most is that we have also often prayed amiss because of not knowing who we are. In a beautiful article by Samuel Greenwood, written in 1906, “How to pray in Christian Science,” he makes a very significant point that believing that God’s man is anything less than spiritual and perfect would disqualify one from praying understandingly. This impressed me so, because he’s saying that our scientific prayer should have its foundation on our perfect birthright and not because we want to heal something, but because we want to see our true likeness as that perfect child of God. When we pray this way, we are in accord with the children of God.

I remember the lessons given here by Mrs. Evans. She spoke to the fact that no one is second class. This article says that we really don’t accept who we are. We cannot think of ourselves as beggars or outcasts. So, we must know that we are all God’s children. He has given us all the good that He has, and we should not let past experiences, whatever we were impressed with when we were growing up, rob us of our birthright and make us bow down to evil suggestions of any kind, be it materia medica verdicts, diseases, fears, or hereditary concepts. Without the understanding that we are indeed God’s children, our prayers go unanswered, leaving us wondering why.

I’m so grateful for Christian Science which is lovingly teaching all of us with the power of Truth to realize who we are and why we should go to God, our Father, with the right sense of that love that He is and expect to be shown what we have always been. I am eternally grateful for this realization because it has changed my life.

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