True Freedom Through Christian Science


Discontented with life and filled with fear, I found myself reading many books seeking the Truth that would make me free. I read many self-help books, many recommended by teachings from various business ventures, all encouraging human ambition, self-will, positive thinking and so on. I am grateful my period in this line of thought was brief; and the deep desire to know what is true, plus some family experiences, led me to Christian Science. In the brief time I spent exploring New Thought I found it was mostly about one’s own mind, so-called, having the capacity to create things. We did vision boards etc., creating what we hoped for, or having pictures of what we wanted, and visualizing them. Even when God was mentioned, I felt it was mostly about what we wanted our lives and futures to be.

This excerpt from Arthur Corey’s class instruction, Chapter 11, Animal Magnetism, sums up what I took away from New Thought:

“As we see it, the New Thought would enthrone the human mind as God, because it postulates minds influencing minds to the end of making the mortal like the immortal. ‘In Tune with the Infinite’ is their theme song. They accentuate planes of thinking, from the material, through the mental, to the supra-mental or spiritual. While declaring mind infinite and indivisible, they hypothecate many semi-independencies or ‘centers’ to explain the reciprocity required for the working of their system. The Unity school emphasizes the supposed power of concerted thought — which would necessarily involve minds many. This is clearly incompatible with our concept of Mind and its Science.”

A sincere desire to find the Truth about God and man, coupled with humble, honest and persistent study of Christian Science, reveals God as ALL-in-ALL, as the only Truth that makes man lastingly free, a Truth consistent with every man’s true birthright.

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