Trusting as a Child


Purely trusting God is an imperative quality we must have or cultivate in our journey spiritward. If we trust God we can be more confident in our reliance on God. If we trust Him we can trust leaving things in His hands, and know that He will only unfold what is good. If we trust Him we will not be so shaken when we feel certain symptoms, or when a medical verdict is given. If we trust God, our waiting on Him would be a lot easier. I have found that we can have many years of just professing the truth without much trust in the power we declare while uttering the truth. We are advised to trust what we say. It’s no use just saying it. We gradually gain this trust, or we can ask God, Father, help me. Saying the Lord’s Prayer, use the line, “Lead us not into temptation.” All of these things help us to trust God more, and we can rely on Him then. I often think of people who don’t even have hospitals to go to, or medicine to take. What do they do? Is that same God not with them? Maybe this is how they develop their trust in God. I am so grateful for learning this on my way, how to just trust God, and the trusting meaning I am glorifying Him and I am obeying the first commandment. I am honoring Him as the all power over all, and All in all. I’m so grateful for Christian Science, so grateful for all that I have learned here and am learning.

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