Trusting God’s Plan


At one point in my life I had to give up my license for the profession I have spent all my life working in since age 17. I did not know what to do at the time; so many questions came into my thinking. I remember I spent many hours just sitting quietly listening, and at that time I learned that I should only depend on God for the right decision. So I prayed, and silently listened. It came to me to let the license go. With some anxiety, I did obey and let it go.

I can tell you that the reward for that obedience has been completely wonderful. No human plan could have planned this journey leading me here to be a part of this holy mission. It required a lot of trust. That is why cultivating trust in God is an imperative action, especially when we are so uncertain of the future. It’s a two-way street. We have to trust God completely and He gives us what He has already planned for our lives.

Two things I’d like to share with anybody trying to make a decision on what to do. On page 74 of the Blue Book, Mrs. Eddy says, “God has a plan for all His children, and it is a gracious plan. I have my place in His plan, I have my work in His plan, and malicious mental malpractice can neither hinder nor prevent me from seeing a full, complete and perfect manifestation of what God’s plan is for me here and now.” I would also like to point to the last verse in hymn 216, which sums up all I had to do then. “Oh wait on Him with veneration, Be silent in humility; He leads you after His own council, His will is done and still shall be; All good for you His wisdom planned; O trust in God and understand.”

I think that veneration needs to be explained, because we are not to wait in fear and doubt but in veneration. In the 1828 Webster’s dictionary it says, “veneration: the highest degree of respect and reverence, respect mingled with some degree of awe, a feeling or sentiment excited by the dignity and superiority of a person or the sacredness of his character.” I cannot thank God enough for this explanation of how we are to wait on God. Christian Science is the only way that I have learned this.

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