Uncover Error as a Lie


I am grateful for the understanding through Christian Science, that it is always important to uncover error as a lie, the opposite of what is true about me.

Unless I uncover any error as a lie, it means I have not really uncovered it. This understanding has been very important to me. As an example, to uncover resentment, depression, revengefulness and say that I have always had these negative emotions, and then work to rid my thoughts of them, makes my efforts more of an uphill battle.

I realize this mistake was part of my delayed healings. God never withholds any good from us. He created all perfect, as His image and likeness. During the times when healings seemed delayed, I could ask God what was required of me. Those supposed delayed periods helped me to gain more understanding of God’s nature, to become more convinced of His presence, His love and power, to feel His comfort and to learn to exercise patience.

As I patiently worked to realize the unreality of whatever any claim might be, I could trust that salvation was already present. This proved that the apparent delays were often due to how long it took me to attain a deeper trust in God, accept the perfection of my spiritual being, and see the NOTHINGNESS of all evil.

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