Unselfed, with Might


Jesus, the Christ, “who has since been rightfully regarded as the best man that ever trod this planet” (S&H page 364), was the most meek, unselfed, and yet most mighty — he overcame sin, sickness and even death. His is the example we must all strive to emulate!

Someone likened meekness to how water takes the form of everything or anything that it is poured into; in other words, complete conformity, the absence of any resistance. This has given me a vivid understanding of meekness. Through self-immolation, self-abnegation, we allow God to mold us and use us in the way of His choosing.

For so many years I struggled, thinking I had to change something; until I learned that meekness — what Mrs. Eddy talks about a great deal — is needed. Through her work we learn how important it is to yield to what God knows about us, and to be willing to make God our All, and follow His laws as best as we can.

When I finally stopped making so many plans for my life, turned to God frequently for answers and acknowledged His Allness, Omnipotence, Ever-presence, and said, “Father, here I am for whatever you want me to do,” the many fears I had, began to abate.

I also learned to claim that I am the image and likeness of God; that I am nothing of myself, but as God’s reflection, I have the dominion, courage and strength that belongs to us all. This empowering sense of my unity with God affords the meekness that is unmoved, that does not cower nor get frustrated or discouraged in front of challenges.

It is so wonderful to feel free of fear, to know that at all times, no matter what comes up, I should get myself, “Florence,” out of the way, and trust God. We each must come to the Truth empty, be ready and willing to accept, obey, and follow as He directs. Then in our stillness, letting God, we will be blessed with the peace that only God can give.

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