What I Can Give


When giving this season becomes distorted, as depriving us of what we have, especially where we see a need, we can remember the inexhaustible source from which we give. We possess the wisdom that is equally inexhaustible from the same source to help us discern where a need might be and lead us to give from our heart’s rich overflow. Often it is the gift of the intangible things that reaches farther; like the love for our brother expressed as kindness, tenderness, sincerity, honesty, guilelessness, courtesy, unselfishness, generosity, and good temper. In this season we can all relive the Christ presence by our inexhaustible love for all of mankind. The poem below sums up what our world needs most, it is something we can all give:

Ask God to give thee skill
In comfort’s art:
That thou may’st consecrated be
And set apart
Unto a life of sympathy.
For heavy is the weight of ill
In every heart;
And comforters are needed much
Of Christlike touch.
— A. E. Hamilton

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