Who Speaks?


I am very grateful to have learned through Christian Science that the words we read from the Bible, and Mrs. Eddy's writings, and all the writings therefrom, when acknowledged as God speaking to each of us, have a powerful impact on our thinking. Sometimes I hear people say, well, I don’t feel anything. But we should ask ourselves, with what frame of mind, or what preparedness, do we come to do our study. One practitioner, in his article, wrote that whenever he takes in Mrs. Eddy’s words, when he comes to study them, he’s in such reverence and feels as if he’s going to talk to his best friend. In fact, he got quite emotional talking about that, showing the depth with which he revered what he was going to learn.

If these truths are seen as just some nice words that somebody is speaking or you are reading, they do not have the spirit, the feeling that comes with them. Yet, if we come with a deep respect, a humble and grateful receptivity of thought, the words do convey the power that they embody.

In John 1:1 it says that “the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” If we come to our studies, or listen to a practitioner, or any source of this Truth, with the attitude of just listening to some words, how much we miss and do not benefit from! They are not just some words. This is God speaking. It has power, and whatever increases our faith, conviction, and reliance on God, is essential in helping us find ourselves, feel the power at hand, and realize our salvation. I’m very grateful for everything I’ve learned about God through His word, and for all the experiences that have proven to me that, yes, there is a God at hand!

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