Yes! God Loves Me


When I started to study Christian Science, I had this fearful sense of lack. There was no basis for it because at the time I was making “pretty good money,” and yet the fear of not being able to meet my obligations tormented me. And I must say, I don’t know how else I could have completely overcome this, except through my study of Christian Science, which assured me that God loves me.

I started to learn that I am forever united with Principle, God, that I am His child, and that He loves me. I started to repeat this to myself, prayed with it to feel the presence of God, so that whenever that false sense came I could tell myself, “No! God loves me.” This went on for a long time, it was not a quick healing; but looking back on it, I am so grateful for all I learned during that time.

Further teaching showed me that these thoughts of lack were not even my thinking, that I have dominion and power from God, that He answers my prayers, and He gives me the strength and courage to face this lie. So day after day, month after month, and year after year, this went on until I stood my ground with the truth that God LOVES ME! When I understood what that meant, that if God loves me, then I am never away from Him; that whatever He is, I am; that He gives me everything I need and that I need not fear. When that thinking took over was when the fear faded away and I started to see the inexhaustible source that I am connected with made manifest.

I am so grateful for this, because it was a senseless, absolutely senseless, but dominating sense of fear that I lived with for so long. I am so grateful for Christian Science, for how it is taught in this church, and for how it is being shared here now.

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