A Big Difference


I was brought up in what we call “Boston” Christian Science. We rarely called a practitioner for help, and if we did, it was after the problem had gone on for a long period of time, and, therefore, seemed real and afflictive. Calling for help was a very mysterious thing. I never really knew what it was all about, and I also was never healed.

I thank God I found the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent. The first time I called a practitioner here (who is now our Teacher), I was met with great love and compassion. I also felt strength, power, and conviction! God really does heal, and He could definitely take care of this problem! It was as if a bright light began to shine, chasing away all the darkness and depression. Every time I called, the practitioner gave me a statement of Truth to work with, usually from the Bible or Science and Health. It was very helpful and healing, and applied directly to the problem. This took away the mystery as to what was going on. I was given something to do to help change my thought, and to keep it focused on God. And the practitioner also told me to call her back when I was healed, and sometimes it was within 20 minutes! With this kind of Christian Science treatment, I was always healed, and, most importantly, grew in my understanding of God.

Christian Science is a way of life, of thinking Godlike thoughts and living according to God’s law. This is what brings about healing. It’s not just a magic wand that gets waved whenever we find ourselves in difficulty.

I am very grateful to have found this church and to be learning what it really means to be a Christian Scientist! I urge you all to become part of this wonderful mission, and if you need help, call one of our practitioners. It will bring healing to every part of your life.

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