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“Be Still”


In today’s world, everyone is looking for a sense of abiding peace; and the Bible can help us find this peace as a way of life. In Psalms we read, “Be still and know that I am God.” Stillness is a quality of quietness, of alertly listening, of waiting for God’s direction. It is a quality we all can express.

When the devil tries to disturb your peace, “be still” and know that God is with you. He is a very present help in trouble. Remember that you are His child, and He loves you. Whatever the aggressive suggestion appears to be, it has come to disturb you and make you think you can’t find God.That is a lie! He is always with you, taking care of things as only a loving Father can. “Be still” and feel His presence.

When the news comes on TV or radio, and the devil tries to make you think the world is in a terrible mess, don’t jump right in and become part of the problem. Instead, “be still” and know that right where the trouble seems to be is the very presence and power of God. God is working His purpose out. He governs all mankind without partiality. “Everything in God’s universe expresses Him.” (S&H) There are no exceptions to the word “everything”!

When someone you love is having a problem and you feel yourself becoming alarmed, “be still.” This is your opportunity to see and behold God’s perfect child. Don’t be impressed by symptoms. God created and loves this person. Trust this love. Speak the Truth, hold the Truth in your heart, KNOW it is true, and see healing take place.

Remember, you express the God-given ability to “be still,” and to peacefully know He governs your life and the lives of all. As Hymn No. 237 states,

O may we be still and seek Him, Seek with consecration whole, Listening thus to hear the message, Far from sense and hid in Soul.

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