“Go and Take the Little Book”


The last chapter in our textbook, Science and Health with with Key to the Scriptures, is entitled “Fruitage” and it is full of healings that resulted entirely from reading this book. I have no doubt there are many more remarkable healings that have never been recorded, including the following one told to me by my mother.

Shortly after my mother moved from the South to marry my father, she was diagnosed by a doctor as having cancer — always a frightening verdict. At that time my parents were living in an old Victorian home in Plainfield. It was there she discovered, tucked away in an attic room, a copy of Science and Health. My mother began to read this book from cover to cover deeply absorbed, like a thirsty person seeking water. Upon completing the book, she went back to her doctor, convinced of healing. And to the doctor’s amazement, she was indeed completely healed. She began to attend the First Church of Christ Scientist, Plainfield, New Jersey, which eventually became the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent!

At times I have gratefully thought about the dear soul who unknowingly left that book for my mother to find in her time of need. You never know when the scattered seeds of Truth may spring up and bear fruit.

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