Presence, Certainty, Position


One evening while studying a book we have for sale here, Martha Wilcox’s Addresses, I came upon this sentence: “In Christian Science, we understand God made man, and gave him presence, and certainty, and position, and man does not desire to get from somebody, . . . but draws from Infinity.”

At that time in my life, I was struggling with a deep lack of confidence, and those three words, “presence, certainty, position,” really rang out loud and clear to me. Those were the qualities I so longed to obtain, and it was wonderful to realize, as a child of God, I already possessed them!

It is true, we all have a “presence” about us. When this presence is from God, it is a loving presence, a peaceful presence, an intelligent presence, a cheerful presence, a presence so filled with gratitude and joy that it releases a sweet aroma that blesses all those around us.

And “certainty.” Yes, that, too, comes from God. That being true, how could we ever be doubtful or hesitant; how could we ever be without something strong and helpful to say to a brother in need? It would be impossible, for the certainty of God comes to each and every one of us with His power and grace, and with His courage and confidence!

And thirdly, “position.” How we all long for a satisfying position in life! And how wonderful to know that God gives to each one of His beloved children a very important position, something important to do for Him, and no one’s position is better or worse than anyone else’s position — it is merely unique and designed perfectly for each individual. Remember, God gave you something very special to do in this life, and no one but you can do it! How important it is for you to fulfill His plan for you. This position is safe and secure in Him. No one can take it from you or move you out of it, because it came to you from God.

And, finally, to realize we don’t draw from any person or from any other human source — we draw from INFINITY! That is a source that is never ending and unlimited, a source that is ever available and unfailing, because it comes from a God who tenderly loves and watches over us all.

So remember, before you attend that important meeting or special interview, God gave YOU a presence, a certainty, and a position! Go forth with the confidence and assurance that only He can give.

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