Squaring Our Accounts with God


We are now getting into the holiday season, and some may find more demands being made on their time and energies. For that very reason, it is important to keep ourselves grounded in what we know to be true.

In Mrs. Eddy’s Message for 1902, she gives us much wise and needed counsel including this: “It is wise to be willing to wait on God, and be wiser than serpents; to hate no man, to love one’s enemies, and to square accounts with each passing hour.”

Whenever we feel pressure to do this, that, or the next thing, it is definitely the time to wait on God! Your only obligation is to Him. Wait on Him and listen for His direction and guidance. Whatever He directs you to do will never bring with it any pressure, only His peace and His joy.

“To be wiser than serpents” is most important as well. It takes wisdom to keep Christmas sacred and holy. It takes wisdom to spend more time in prayer and study, rather than less. It takes wisdom to know what to do and when to do it. Ask God for His wisdom.

“To hate no man, to love one’s enemies” keeps us free from everyday irritation. It also is a reminder to forgive any injustices that may have occurred in our lives. If Jesus could forgive those who put him on the cross, we should be able to forgive whatever wrongs may have happened to us! Mrs. Eddy once told her students to “bleed sweetly.” Don’t let error rob you of your sweetness.

And finally, “to square accounts with each passing hour.” Here Mrs. Eddy suggests we take a moment each hour to check thought, to make sure we are not holding onto anything negative or depressing. Know the truth about each situation as it comes up — or else it is very easy to go around and around with unhandled garbage. Not necessary! “Be so instant in Truth that error is always too late.” (Mrs. Eddy) When your thought is clear and uncluttered, you become a transparency for the love of God to shine through. Square your account with God each passing hour!

As we follow Mrs. Eddy’s loving counsel, our lives will be filled with the peace, the love, the health, and the joyfilled radiance that only God can give!

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