Supernal Freshness and Fairness


So much is being written today on how to stay young looking and attractive. At any newsstand you can find magazines with articles on how to look five years younger, the wonders of estrogen, or the benefits of a face lift. So much time, money, and effort can be spent in this pursuit, it is almost overwhelming.

How heartening to know Mrs. Eddy gave us the complete answer to the problem of aging, and it can be found in her textbook, Science and Health.

When I first began attending the Plainfield Church, I was impressed with the youthfulness of all its members and especially the Teacher. She told me she works daily with the thought, “I am ageless, diseaseless, and deathless, because God made me so,” and explained that aging is a slowing down of thought, a turning inward, that can occur at age twenty as well as age ninety. I was told to study pages 244-248 in Science and Health and to apply these statements directly to myself. For instance, isn’t it wonderful to realize that we are governed by immortal Mind and are always beautiful and grand? Or that, immortal Mind feeds our bodies with supernal freshness and fairness, supplying them with beautiful images of thought. And I especially love where Mrs. Eddy states, “decrepitude is not according to law, nor is it a necessity of nature, but an illusion.”

As we express God’s lovingkindness and joy, our faces will shine with an inner radiance and beauty that can never fade or grow old. It is the vigor of Spirit that lightens one’s step and maintains an upright posture. Acknowledging God in all our ways is Principle, and this does more for strengthening backbones and controlling appetite than any diet ever could. And certainly it is the intelligence of Mind that gives one a keen and positive outlook on life that is ever attractive.

A beautiful quote from the First Edition of Science and Health sums it up well, “Immortal man and woman (and there are none other), are unfading perfection, models of beauty that reflect all loveliness insomuch as they are ‘the image and likeness of God.’”

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