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The Power of Our Textbook


Mrs. Eddy once instructed her students to turn to our textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, for healing; and to turn to her other book, Prose Works, for instruction. I have found even one sentence from Science and Health to be rich with meaning and one that can be practically applied to daily life.

Recently the following statement was in our Lesson on Spirit: “Spirit is the Ego which never dreams, but understands all things; which never errs, and is ever conscious; which never believes, but knows; which is never born and never dies. Spiritual man is the likeness of this Ego.”

I copied this sentence on an index card, kept it with me, and worked with it during the week in the following way: “Spirit is the Ego which never dreams” — I am not subject to the Adam dream nor am I subject to any dreaminess or absent-mindedness. “Understands all things” — with God as my Mind, there is no problem too big or too small that I cannot understand, and also solve! “Never errs” — no room for a mistake or an accident . . . Impossible! God’s direction is clear and ever-present. “Is ever conscious” — I am always aware of my surroundings and of my thoughts. Nothing can enter my consciousness undetected; nothing can take me off-guard. My time of rest is in God’s hands; “Which never believes but knows” — I know all I need to know when I need to know it. There is no wishful thinking or hoping here. I do know the Truth and can express it in my daily life without any confusion or any trace of doubt. “Never born and never dies”— I was not born into matter nor will I die out of it. My life is in God! I am the likeness of God, good!

Working in this way, many solutions to difficult problems unfolded in a simple and natural way. The power of God’s presence was clearly felt. Science and Health is called a “textbook” for a reason. As we really apply the Truths it contains, wonderful things begin to happen!

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