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Time Is Not Toxic


I came across a very interesting article in an old copy of the New York Herald Tribune from the year 1948. A group of medical specialists and surgeons had been researching the process of aging. They came to the conclusion that anyone experiencing a lack of vigor or any other disorder due to age was suffering from what they termed “time neurosis.” The report stated that “every human tissue is endowed with potential immortality,” and there really was no good reason for anyone to get old and decrepit. Anyone who was experiencing such symptoms had submitted to the “prevalent superstition” that time in some way poisons the system and causes one to grow old.

When I read that article, it made me so grateful for Mary Baker Eddy and for the textbook she wrote, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which truly debunks the belief of old age. On page 245 Mrs. Eddy states, “Decrepitude is not according to law, nor is it a necessity of nature, but an illusion.” What a revolutionary and liberating statement!

It is helpful to work daily with “I am ageless, diseaseless, and deathless, because God has made me so!” And also to watch out for what are termed “the creeping things,” such as failing eyesight, poor hearing, or a general slowing down. This is not the truth about God’s perfect creation, and we have the right not to allow any of these lies into our experience. It is wonderful to know and to prove we do not have to succumb to the aging process; but we can continue on with the work God has given us to do with strength, alertness, and rejoicing!

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