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A Happy New Year!

From the Christian Science Journal, January 1886

This is the greeting in thousands of households. Let it come to you, “who are of the household of faith”;—not to you only, but to all men everywhere, for truly it is written in the Scriptures, that God “will have all come to the knowledge of the Truth.”

The best New Year’s gift that can come to any mortal is health; and with health — spiritual as well as physical — the mortal ceases to be mortal, and is gradually expanded into the surrounding Immortality.

It is this gift which Christian Science offers to the world; as Saint Paul says, “The gift of God is Eternal Life.” When Science offers this gift, it does so not of itself, but as steward of the heavenly treasure.

All is of God, if He but wave His hand. If you live spiritually, in what mortal mind calls the New Year, you will be happy; and you will learn that with God there are no New Years, or Old, but one ceaseless and ever-present now. Let the year be new in this, that you have “newness of Life.”

Many happy memories of the past twelve months crowd upon the thought. Let the greeting of the New Year be fraught with Intelligence, as well as Love.

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