Peace Within


We embrace our world within ourselves. All that exists as persons, places and things lives only within our own consciousness. We could never become aware of anything outside the realm of our own mind. And all that is within our mental kingdom is joyously and harmoniously directed and sustained by the laws of Christ, Truth. We do not direct or enforce these laws; they eternally operate within us, and govern the world without.

The peace within becomes the harmony without. As our thought takes on the nature of this inner freedom, it loses its sense of fear, doubt, or discouragement. As the realization of our dominion dawns in thought, more assurance, confidence, and certainty become evident. We become a new being, and the world reflects back to us our own higher attitude toward it. Gradually an understanding of our fellow man, and his problems, unfolds to us from within, and more love flows out from us, more tolerance, cooperativeness, helpfulness, and compassion, and we find the world responds to our newer concept of it, and then all the universe rushes to us to pour its riches and treasures in our lap.

In this new consciousness, we are less angered by the acts of other people; less impatient with their shortcomings; less disturbed by their failings.

We realize that something within us is ruling our universe; an inner presence is maintaining outer harmony. The peace and quiet of our own Soul is the law of harmony and success to our world of daily experience.

When the Christ dawns in individual consciousness, the personal sense of self diminishes. This Christ becomes our real being. We have no desires, no will, no power of our own. The Christ overshadows our personal selfhood.

In this Christ we find rest, peace, comfort, and healing. The unlabored power of spiritual sense possesses us, and discords and inharmonies fade away, as darkness disappears with the coming of light. Indeed, it is comparable only to the breaking of dawn; and the gradual influx of divine Light colors the scenes in our mind, and dispels one by one the illusions of sense, the darker places in human thought.

The stress of daily living would deprive us of this great Spirit, unless we are careful to retire often into the sanctuary of our inner being, and there let the Christ be our honored guest.

Never let vain conceit, or a belief in personal power, keep you from this sacred experience. Be willing. Be receptive. Be still.

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