The ancient prophets of Israel were confident of the divine source of their strength, and that it could be constantly renewed through righteous appeal to God.

The Psalmist declared, “Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou renewest the face of the earth.”

This assurance of constant renewal through the operation of divine law was also expressed by Paul: “Though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.” Paul recognized and had full faith in God’s constant care for His children.

Christian Science reveals that man, the beloved of God, is eternally refreshed and renewed by the infinite Father, in whom man lives, moves and has his being.

Through the teachings of Mrs. Eddy we learn how to make this practical in our daily lives.

The tendency of people to become tired and depressed by life’s heavy burdens, is set aside when they establish the habit of looking to God for vigor and strength, If they fail to make use of the Truth, they contribute to their own undoing.

The habit of refreshing ourselves frequently through the day by lifting our thought to the spiritual facts is of vital importance.

It is human sense that becomes tired and depressed and this false sense of man is corrected at the fountain of infinite Life. God, infinite Life, can never know weariness or heaviness. Therefore, neither can man who is the perfect reflection of God. When man’s birthright of health and strength is recognized, all contrary beliefs will disappear as does the mist before the winds of heaven.

Mortal mind, which is always a false witness, would in defiance of the divine law of constant renewal, claim that man’s substance was being destroyed by an insidious disease. Such testimony is not to be accepted! It is utterly false, How ridiculous to think that man’s spiritual substance could be consumed, depleted or destroyed in any manner. God constantly renews and refreshes man through His infinite power. Man is eternal as God, for man coexists with eternal Life.

Christian Science makes it very clear that there has forever existed between God and man the relationship of Father and son, with the son inheriting all of the divine qualities the Father possesses.

Mrs. Eddy saw the need for changing false thinking for the Truth. She says in Miscellaneous Writings (page 34), “The body is governed by mind: and mortal mind must be improved, before the body is renewed and harmonious, — since the physique is simply thought made manifest.”

Renewal, then, is attained by changing our thoughts. Weariness and depression are mortal, material thoughts about body. As they are replaced by the facts of being, that man is perfect, and eternally renewed by the divine Mind, the body responds, manifesting vigor and harmonious activity. Thus the whole process of renewal is seen to be mental. All these results are in accordance with the law of God which governs the universe with unchanging harmony.

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