Prove All Things; Hold Fast That Which Is Good


The enclosed articles were written over a period of several years and are an attempt to understand and depict the present state of the Christian Science Movement.

I was brought up in a C.S. Sunday School, have had class instruction, and am currently a member of the Mother Church and a Branch Church. I have served as first reader, second reader, board member, and Sunday School teacher in my local branch.

I was privileged to know an old-time practitioner who knew, among others, Emma Shipman, Daisette McKenzie, and Irving Tomlinson. The stories and insights which this practitioner gained and imparted gave me a rare glimpse into the atmosphere of the early days of our Movement and a deeper appreciation for Mrs. Eddy and her great labor of love for mankind.

Interest in Christian Science by my family started with my great grandmother, the wife of a Civil War veteran. It was my great grandfather who, by his own stores and experiences, inspired MacKinley Kantor to be a writer. He is mentioned in Kantor’s Civil War epic, Andersonville.

I repeat this brief family sketch to assure the reader that my involvement in Christian Science is longstanding and that my motives are to help save Christian Science. It is with this spirit that I hope the reader will turn to the pages which follow.

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