Argument for Truth


In a world where materialism is aggressive, where the suggestions of evil are abundant, where the evidences of want and sin seem to be everywhere, we can find our shield against these trials, and our shelter from these temptations, through the study of Christian Science. We learn to keep ourselves ready at each instant to reject the false claims of materiality and to keep thought so fortified in the knowledge of God’s presence and power that the mist of temptation can never prevail.

We must be consistently thinking and living according to the ways of Truth and Love. These ways must be actually lived, warming our lives and affections, turning them from self to service, from indifference to tender consideration for the welfare of everybody and everything. We need to maintain this spiritually right position and to persevere in these good ways of Truth and Love, through the arguments of Truth.

Argument for Truth is simply the continuing restatement of the truth. Thought is refreshed and renewed by reassurances concerning Truth. Argument is the constant reminder of what is true and of what is not true about God, man, and the universe. Argument is not a mental quarrel, in which there is some evil to talk to and to hear from in return. Rather, it is the ladder of thought by which we lift our own thought to higher places. Mrs. Eddy makes it plain in her writings that sometimes one will attain spiritual understanding so completely that he needs no fortifying argument to hold his thought in that sure place. She also makes it clear that, until such final exaltation is reached, the arguments of Truth are needed to keep the balance on the right side.

He who mentally stands in the attitude of Christian Science treatment, affirms and strives to realize the truth about God, man, and the universe, and is alert to the claims of evil. The truth about God is His allness — His allpower as Spirit, as divine Mind, as divine Principle, as the tender, loving Father-Mother, caring for the welfare of all of His creation.

Mrs. Eddy says, “If you wish to be happy, argue with yourself on the side of happiness; take the side you wish to carry, and be careful not to talk on both sides, or to argue stronger for sorrow than for joy.” (Hea.) And she points to the human mind to be rejected when she writes, “The action and effects of the so-called human mind in its silent arguments, are yet to be uncovered and summarily dealt with by divine justice.” (Mis.)

An argument on God’s side cannot fail to be protective, saving, and effective to the uttermost. Argument continually pleads God’s allness, and reinforces the kingdom of heaven in our consciousness.

The happiness of the new year will mainly consist of our endeavor to make a happy new year to all with whom we have to do; and so far as our influence goes, a better year for all the world. The loving heart sees the beauty and promise of human nature. It sees the best in life and character. The poet and the artist see the beauty of nature, the loving heart beholds the glory that is in men.

Christian Work and Evangelist

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