Effectual Prayer


The Bible states, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

When man sees the unworthiness of all that is mortal, he enters upon a humility, which is the first requirement of effectual prayer. The true Christian feels safest when possessed by humbleness of spirit. To be able to say honestly and spontaneously, “I was wrong,” or “I am sorry,” and then to do better, means spiritual protection. It puts to flight whole troops of damaging thoughts of self-righteousness; self-opinionated, and self-inflating. Actual humility is the desire to know God.

He who prays should gladly lay aside his own desires and seek safety in the divine Mind, and all that this Mind holds for him. If he desires only comfort in the flesh, and has no longing to be more Godlike, he should not be praying at all, nor should he be expecting help from God. The only genuine prayer asks for redemption from matter, not for peace in it; for deliverance from the things in ourselves that make us sick, not just relief from sickness.

Prayer that is right makes over the mind of him who prays. It is evil giving up its boast. Its logical result is increased selflessness. And thought so purified cannot fail to receive an answer to prayer. Such prayer is righteous power, for it defeats everything that would obstruct spiritual progress.

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