Leaving Things with God


The thing most obstructive to God’s plan is human planning. We make fine speeches about leaving things with God, and really believe we want His will done, and yet we let human will take over.

Peace and healing will flood our lives only as our resistance gives way and lets them in. Therefore, when help comes slowly, are we honestly desiring God before all else?

If we set about “demonstrating” what we want, or what we think we should have, Christian Science will not work for us. The law of God yields not an inch to our desires, nor is it harnessed to the service of any selfish wish of the human heart. Divine law can’t be “used” personally by any mortal. Not until we stop trying to bend God’s will to our purpose, are we really Christian Scientists.

The knowledge that God’s plan and purpose provide men with all good, quickens thought to discard human will and to know that safety rests in divine law. As fast as we discover our joy in God, we look for joy nowhere else. Really to understand what God has for His own, shows all human plans to be so trivial that we can leave their outcome to His shaping.

Laying down all human will enables thought to rise and glimpse God’s plan. This view of what is spiritually true about God and man then governs thought. It begins to operate as law in consciousness to dispel confusion and trouble; and brings whatever is nearest right in the human situation.

Leaving things with God means letting go of things personal and human. He who strives to find out what God thinks is right, instead of deciding for himself what is right, is being taught of God, and things that bless everybody not only occur to him, but are taken care of for him.

The Scriptures teach that to know God is life eternal. So we leave our affairs with eternal divine Life, knowing we will be delivered, in God’s good way. Truly God knows enough and is good enough to give us what we should have.

He who can leave all things with God, has no unrest remaining. Divine law will operate in his behalf until all good things are fulfilled and everyone is blessed.

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