“One Step Enough for Me”


Mrs. Eddy said, “God never leaves us without light enough to take one step. Do not stop walking till the light gives out.”

Survey the world today. Is there not light enough to take one step? Look out upon the problems of the brother man, of the world at large. Is there any struggle, or perplexity, or calamity, in any experience, where there is not light enough for one step? The trouble is, that we beg for light enough to see many steps ahead; to the end of the journey, or to the complete solution of the problem. We forget that we can, in any event, take but one step at a time, and that we really need no more light than is sufficient for that step.

It may be a question whether Jesus, at the age of twelve, possessed consciously all the light needed to carry him triumphantly through a crucifixion, yet he had enough to confound the wise men in the Temple. As he journeyed on, he gathered strength and vision; and in the hour of the crucifixion, he had sufficient light to lead him to his resurrection. Assuredly, the great Master who bade his people “take therefore no thought for the morrow,” knew that today’s obedience will care for tomorrow. He knew well that our problems will simplify, and the fret and the turmoil cease, if we will rest content with light enough to take one step, and be obedient in taking that step in the light given. Such a spirit reaches not impatiently to great deeds in the future, but grows patiently and contentedly to them by means of the quiet work today.

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