Right Thinking


Jesus gave humanity the remedy for sickness, as well as for sin. Sin, sickness, and death, yielded to his pure, true, spiritual thinking about God and man. Spiritual understanding was his remedy for all human problems.

Christian Science teaches that spiritual right thinking will establish the right, and abolish the wrong in human affairs. The right thinking which Jesus lived, was the remedy for evil of every kind

Christian Science reveals the Principle, law and rule of Jesus’ works, and declares, and carries on, Christian healing.

Christian Science teaches that God heals not only sorrow and sin, but bodily suffering as well. The understanding of God and His law is the remedy for disease and accident and pain. It is the saving grace for heartache or sin.

The remedy for human suffering is spiritual understanding. Our refuge lies in a knowledge of the Truth. Spiritual thoughts allow no room for troubled thinking. They come straight from God, and enter consciousness when thought makes room for them. Since they come straight from God, they perform their holy work and expel evil beliefs.

We can, with increasing strength, hold more successfully each day to this infinite, spiritual, and eternal point of view.

When Truth is realized, error can’t resist it. Our only course is to keep the true idea constantly in thought, and trust the law of God to do its work through that right idea.

Righteousness is a great power. Every true thought leads towards the possession of good. True spiritual thinking, the knowledge of all that is true about God, man, and the universe, is the complete and final remedy for all human woe.

As we understand more clearly that God is a God of love, we find a peace and a sureness that nothing can come to us but what Love sends.

The Christian Scientist longs to see the quick and instant destruction of error; and as Godlike thinking quickens in his own mind, and heart, he assuredly will.

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