The Yoke of Truth


“Take my yoke upon you.” Matt. 11:29. This is the bidding of Jesus, — often misunderstood, because men are ignorant what the yoke is.

There are two kinds of yokes. First, there is the military yoke. The common view is that the yoke of Christ, Truth, is in the nature of a military yoke, and that it is this subjection which Jesus demands of his followers.

Second, there is another yoke, that of the farm, — the yoke which binds together the patient oxen, enabling them to better draw their load, which singly they might not be able to manage.

Why not consider, then, that Jesus bids the followers of Truth take upon themselves this yoke of peaceful and united labor, not of thralldom, — that this is his yoke? Indeed, this is the simple, direct, meaning of the word used by the Master, — the yoke he would have Truth-lovers bear.

Christian Scientists can take the command to themselves. They are asked to take upon them a yoke; but it is not the yoke of servitude, but the yoke of united effort, the yoke of work; that is, they must stand shoulder to shoulder for Truth, Love, God, and together draw the cart of healing, the triumphal arc of Life, — not as slaves, not even as cattle, but as freeborn men and women, in the Truth of Christ which makes us free.

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