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Rejoicing wards off Temptation

From the March 8, 1900 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel by

The Christian may be tempted; but little impression is made upon him by the pleasurable bait if he is happy in the Lord. There is a passage in Paul — I forget just now where it is — where he speaks of putting on the armor of light. It is fine poetry as well as solid fact that we wear the armor of light; and part of the meaning is, that we are so surrounded with seraphic joy that nothing can tempt us. The joy which we wear is far superior to any which the evil one can offer us; and so his temptation has lost its power. What can the devil offer a joyous Christian? Why, if he were to say to him, “I will give thee all the kingdoms of the world and the glory thereof, if thou wilt fall down and worship me,” the believer would reply to him, “Fiend, I have more than that. I have perfect contentment; I have absolute delight in God. My soul swims in a deep sea of bliss as I think of God.” The devil will speedily quit such a man as that; for the joy of the Lord is an armor through which he cannot send the dagger of his temptation.

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