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Keeping One’s Eye Single

Excerpt from the August 22, 1925 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel by

There is no more inspiring episode portraying radical reliance on God depicted in the Bible than the story of Moses at the Red Sea. His unswerving reliance on God in the face of seemingly unsurmountable difficulties has many times been a guiding light to the feet of the Christian Scientist. When Moses and his companions had reached the Red Sea, he was not only hemmed in on every side until there was no possible material means of escape, but he had lost the co-operation of his followers. They murmured against him because he had led them to what appeared to be their destruction. But Moses, to whom Mrs. Eddy refers as a type of “moral courage” (Science and Health, p. 592), saw God, good, alone. Such courage, such faith he had! How could the sea, the darkness of error, but be dissolved? The children of Israel could see only the Egyptians and destruction; while Moses saw only God, good. The children of Israel of to-day are finding that the parting of the sea and the ability to go safely forward are commensurate with their willingness to turn from the Egyptians of fear and doubt to see God only.

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