His Word Sweeter Than Honey and the Honeycomb

From the Christian Science Sentinel, July 22, 1916, by

[Dr. J. H. Jowett in The Christian World]

If we try to see as the Lord sees and to will as the Lord wills, we shall come to feel as the Lord feels. We shall share His tastes; we shall drink of the river of His pleasure; we shall like what He likes; His joy will be our joy; “the joy of the Lord” shall be our strength. We shall come to love what the Lord loves and … His word will be in our mouth as honey — yea, sweeter than “honey and the honeycomb.” One in vision and one in will, we shall surely come to be one with Him in heart. What a union! What a fellowship! What a friendship! And through such blessed union His grace will pass, like the ceaseless passing of treasure across frontier lines where the last tariff-barrier has been removed. Eye to eye, will to will, and heart to heart! That communion shall be far more intimate than the fellowship suggested by the mystic ladder in the patriarch’s dream, with angels ascending and descending in never-tiring ministry; much more intimate than that, I say, for it shall be the immediate and glorious embrace of the soul with her Lord.

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