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What is it? Ans.—Living in the senses, or for their gratification.

We have the sense of sight to direct our footsteps and to see the glories of the universe; the sense of hearing to tell us when something unusual is occurring that may result in our injury, and to enjoy conversation, music, etc.; the sense of smell to direct and assist us in selecting and enjoying our food; the sense of taste to give relish to food; the sense of feeling to tell us when we come in contact with anything that is liable to injure us, and that we may know of the presence of other substances.

Now, if the use of the senses is confined to our simple requirements of them, we have established ourselves as unsensual, or spiritual, in the general sense of the term; but when we allow the sense of sight to send us around the world for the simple desire or passion for seeing, we are sensual in this particular direction. When we allow the sense of hearing to drive us to hear everything new, as in music, etc., to the exclusion of duty, we are sensual. When we allow the sense of smell to excite an appetite for food, tobacco, liquors, etc., we are sensual. When we allow the sense of taste to drive us to gluttony or wine-bibbing, we are sensual indeed. When we allow the sense of feeling to inform us that we must allow it to rule for a season, or that we must suffer pain, it is sensuality. When we live for the five personal senses alone, roaming about for their gratification, we have buried our talent in the ground, and it gains not even usury.

When we, as master, allow our senses, as servants, to say we must cater to their demands, exclusively, we have, indeed, relinquished all just claim to be anything beyond what the senses say; and, having allowed mutiny in our household, we cannot reasonably expect even leniency from the mutineers. We have surrendered unconditionally to a band of tyrants, who are content with nothing else than our utter destruction.

Now these senses are non-intelligent: we must furnish intelligence to govern them. How are we doing it?

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