Mrs. Eddy tells us that “Christian scientific practice begins with Christ’s key-note of harmony, ‘Be not afraid.’” (S&H) Courage is a stepping-stone leading to harmony. Every day, every hour, we need to have unfaltering courage which, in the face of fear, maintains the positive assurance that we all belong to God, and can overcome any problem with His help. Understanding the unreality of any trouble, demonstrates true courage. When faults of character yield slowly, courage is necessary to hold steadfastly, and see the perfect man that God made. Patient, persistent work brings its own reward.

Courage should not be confused with indifference. We are sometimes tempted to ignore or deny a difficulty, saying, “That’s not my problem,” and dismiss it without further thought. Every discordant condition is our problem, to the extent that we must destroy the belief or fear of it in our thought. To ignore even the smallest part of a problem leads to inaccuracy, and delay in getting the correct solution. We need to look fearlessly at every form of error, to recognize it as nothing and having no power.

As we advance spiritually, Truth demands that we give up worshipping material things that we consider essential to our happiness. When we learn that we suffer only as we resist the truth, we gain the courage needed to depend completely on God. If we listen to, and obey, God consistently, we will find peace and satisfaction in our lives.

Let’s cultivate courage as a necessary stepping-stone to harmony, knowing that every temptation we overcome, helps us to be more loving, reliable, and useful to God and our fellow man.

The Bible is filled with encouraging words that will help us in any difficulty. “Be thou strong and very courageous,” and, “Be of good courage.” As we rely on God, He will supply the needed strength to triumph over any problem.

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