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Overcoming not Overlooking

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Editor of the July 18, 1901 Christian Science Sentinel

There is a wide distinction between overcoming evil and overlooking evil. The tendency toward the belief that evil may be overcome by overlooking it is great, and unless constantly and carefully guarded, will become a “strong delusion,” blighting in its effects and disastrous in its results.

One can never prove the powerlessness of evil by refusing to recognize its claims or by ignoring it as unworthy of notice. On the human plane, evil is indeed an awful de­lusion. It is all that stands between mankind and God. It is all that shuts out of human consciousness the understand­ing of divine Truth. It is all that hinders the demonstra­tion of divine power in healing sickness and sin. It is all that keeps one out of the kingdom of heaven — that is, all that prevents harmony from being established upon earth. It is the source of all that worketh abomination or maketh a lie. It is the serpent of Eden, the Satan of the Bible, the great Red Dragon of Revelation. It is all that is com­prehended in the words sin, sickness, death, and hell.

The only sense in which it is unreal is that it is not of God, — never had, has not now, and never shall have, place in the divine nature and purpose.

How absurd, then, to think or talk of overcoming evil by overlooking evil.

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