One of the most insistent of human problems is that of employment. Even those who are not dependent on their work for their daily bread have this problem to solve.

The writer was once in a situation where employment seemed an imperative necessity. All the ordinary channels for obtaining work were tried, but without success. There seemed to be a scarcity of work all over the country.

One day, when praying in the still morning hours, the thought came very clearly that I did not have to “get a job,” or take it from anyone else, but that I reflected God and I had only to understand that my true individuality was created and governed by God. My work then was my individual expression of God. Very soon after this illumination, a totally unexpected and unusual avenue of work opened up.

In working out this problem in Christian Science, the student finds that everything concerning employment has to be lifted out of the domain of so-called matter into the realm of Mind.

Since, as Mrs. Eddy declares in Science and Health (p.468), “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation,” all real activity must be in the spiritual realm. Then it becomes plain that all the student can do is to be constantly employed in right thinking. Whatever his work, whether it be driving an engine or plowing a field, it is thought that underlies the action.

From this standpoint no one is ever out of work. If the student is thinking actively, bringing “every thought to the obedience of Christ,” he is bound to reap what he has sown, and this will be seen in a way that meets the present human need.

The real purpose of employment is not primarily to earn a livelihood, but to glorify God. And God does not withhold His care and His sustaining power at any time. Every individual spiritual idea is maintained without lapse throughout eternity.

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