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Criticism, fault finding: It will shut you out of heaven; it will darken all your skies; it will keep you from helping yourself and others; it will bar your progress; it will stop your onward going; it leads into all trouble; it leads into discord, into all evil, hatred, hatefulness and envy. Just as long as the spirit of criticism remains in your thought and you leave it there, just so long will you not progress; just so long will you not be able to demonstrate; just so long will you not be able to find your way in Truth, because you are looking for faults constantly. You are fault-finding on mortal, material planes.

You will criticize everybody and everything. You will criticize people in every way, the clothes they wear, the way they walk, the way they talk, the way they read and the way they sing, in everything they do. You will criticize them in every way possible, and that is all you will do.

If the spirit of criticism is abroad in your hearts, it will grow. Then, by and by, you will want to know why you cannot demonstrate. You will want to know why you do not know and understand the Truth, as well as you would like to. It is because you are finding fault with people. You are finding fault with what they do and with what they say. You are not looking for the Truth, you are finding faults, faults are what you are looking for.

Criticism is one of the worst things that can possibly get into a community. It is one of the worst things that can get into a church. It is one of the worst things that can get into your thought. It is one of the keys to perdition, because it leads there. It leads into all unkindness. It leads into ingratitude. It leads into everything but love for your neighbor and friends.

Criticism is an awful thing. It never did any good and never will do good. It never can, because it is all on a mortal plane, every bit of it. It does not belong to Christian Science, for there is nothing Christian about it.

If you are studying Christian Science, you will progress in everything you do. Christian Science leads into wisdom. It leads into love. It leads into kindness, into satisfaction. It leads in the way to kindness for everybody, helpfulness for everyone. You will become better in everything, better mechanics, better teachers in the schools. You will become better fathers and mothers, better sisters and brothers, better neighbors. You will become better business men.

Everything that you touch will grow and be blessed. Everything will be made plain, and everything made easy. You will find no such thing as hard times, if you are studying the great facts of Being. Let go of mortal sense and study Truth. You will find a better living and an easier life than you ever had before or knew anything about.

You will lose the thought of growing old, of losing your health, or losing your life, because you are growing into life, into health, into freedom, into happiness, and into strength. This is God’s plan for man, and it cannot be interfered with.

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