Victory over Adversity


Mrs. Eddy’s inspired writings provide a wonderful answer to the age-old question of how to meet and overcome adverse conditions. Her writings explain the scientifically Christian method taught and used by Jesus in demonstrating dominion over all evil. Since dominion “over all the earth” is bestowed by God, we can exercise this dominion and free ourselves from the destructive influence of error.

We learn the importance of gaining the ability to discriminate rightly between the spiritual universe, created and governed by God, and the fraudulent manifestations of a material sense of creation. Victory over adverse conditions begins when we accept the great fact of one Creator and one perfect spiritual creation. The understanding of the allness and perfection of divine Principle, our maker, enables us to exercise our God-given dominion.

The theory that God is responsible for evil, and that man is subject to it, is woven into the very fabric of most religious and philosophic systems. When this false theory is rejected, the fact that evil is merely a negation becomes apparent. All correct thinking is based upon the allness and perfection of spiritual good, and all that is contrary to it is an illusion, and nonexistent.

The line of demarcation between the real and the unreal may bring inward struggles with a wrong sense of selfhood. This sense often yields slowly, and often unwillingly, to the understanding of man’s spiritual individuality as God’s reflection. Since the belief in evil is entirely mental, dominion over its lies begins with right thinking. Christianly scientific thought processes are essential, and result in the ability to recognize evil and its externalized expressions quickly. Jesus unhesitatingly denounced evil as both a lie and a liar, and looked only to God for reality.

To go about our daily work with joy, and the serenity of knowing man’s God-given heritage of freedom and dominon, inspires courage and confidence, and ensures victory over every argument of evil. A woman, when unexpectedly informed that the job she had held for some time was about to terminate, found herself struggling with a great sense of injustice, fear, and resentment. Almost immediately, the understanding of the freedom of man under divine government illumined her consciousness. Doubt, fear, and unkind criticism vanished, and peace, joy, and confidence were restored. In a short time, the opportunity came for a new and better job. The offer was accepted, the environment and salary proved to be wonderful, far better than before.

Freedom from the strain, uncertainty, and discouragement which often accompany human experience, will come to us in the ratio that we learn to turn in simple faith to God, divine Principle. The law of divine Love, nullifying every illegitimate pretension of evil to law and power, will be seen and demonstrated as supreme over adversity, disappointment, sorrow, loss, and failure.

Jesus said, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” The simplicity of the scientific method used by Jesus in healing, is here for us now. The powerful rules of Truth, that good is omnipotent and omnipresent, and that evil is nowhere present, but nonexistent and impotent, governs all spiritually correct thinking. Acknowledging and using it, enable us to rise victoriously above all wrong situations. Sin, disease, lack, inharmonious human relationships, lose their power, and vanish before this correct view of God and man. Expectantly turning to divine Love in every need, waiting on God for the fulfillment of every right desire, we enter into the kingdom of heaven here and now. “Meet every adverse circumstance as its master.” (S&H)

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