The Reader Prays


There is a framed copy of this beautiful poem in our First Reader’s room. It is a good one for all to work with when praying for our services!

Dear God, this is a sacred, selfless hour.
May I be clothed with Christ’s humility
And know Thine is the glory and the power.
Not person but Thy likeness may men see.

I cannot fear when I am serving Thee
That any evil power can do me wrong.
The desk – the very place I love to be –
Is not a target but a fortress strong.

Lord bless the ones who gather here today,
Who reach out for the truth to make them free.
For each heart filled with suffering or dismay
Must drop its burdens, healed while praising Thee.

I pray Thy voice and only Thine be heard
That rings out with Thy Love so clear and sweet
It gives the perfect meaning of Thy Word –
For I, too, listen humbly at Thy feet.

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