There’s much talk these days of danger, impending evil, and the invasion of our normal and harmonious way of living. There’s a need to defend ourselves against selfishness and greed. This attack upon our minds and bodies is the activity of animal magnetism attempting to control mankind. Error would mesmerize mortals into believing that something can be gained by hate, that man can maintain himself by imposing fear and bondage on others. However, the battle is not physical, it is mental. It is an attempt to cause men to be fearful, then helpless.

To see these errors, but do nothing about them, means a weak admission of bondage. A mental attack calls for strong spiritual opposition, the intelligent application of the law of God. Christian Scientists do more than see evil and talk about it; they prove its impotence, through affirming God’s love and power to care for man.

When error tries to convince us that man is inharmonious, vigilance turns us to God to determine what the truth is. Our decisions need careful watching. If we accept matter as real, the results will be turmoil; if we see man as spiritual, the result will be peace. Evil is always suggesting that we don’t or can’t have, what God gives. Do we believe this? Are we accepting it? If we do accept this premise, it will keep us, in belief, from having God’s abundant goodness. Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health, “Your decisions will master you, whichever direction they take.”

Are you, in reality, spiritual or are you physical? Are you subject to good or are you subject to evil? These questions need answering; in fact, we answer them daily in our thinking and living. Thoughts express either spiritual facts or temporal illusions. Good or bad thoughts control us, for we experience only what we think. Consequently, it’s necessary to be alert to the necessity of spiritual thinking or scientific knowing. If we drift, are careless or unconcerned, we may not be warned of the approach of evil, and we are not conscious of the tender, silent, yet mighty presence of God’s ideas.

Our life expresses what we have made real in our thinking. Our experience in health or sickness, in happiness or misery, in abundance of good or lack of it, is controlled by our thinking. Alertness, vigilance, calls for discipline of thought, and Christian Science shows us how to control our thoughts, and not allow consciousness to be open to the flow of mortal mind’s mesmeric lies. We must ask whatever comes to consciousness, Are you from God, or are you animal magnetism? If from God, come and bless me; if not, depart and leave me forever at peace.

A very persistent suggestion is that we are not ready to receive what God gives; that a veil is between us and God, but the Bible and Science and Health teach us that man can never be separated from the love of God, and therefore is the recipient of all the good that God has to give.

The practice of Christian Science is expressing God’s law of omnipotent good, and God supports and protects all right action. We can rest in the understanding that God’s love is always loving us, always tenderly holding us secure.

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