Speeding the Victory


In the Bible the children of Israel were at the borders of the promised land in less than a year’s time after they left Egypt, but it was forty years before they entered it. The time wasted was not God’s fault, but their own desire to take plenty of time to progress. Very little is known of the thirty-eight years which were in between. They are, however, referred to as the Wandering. It’s well to ask ourselves, “How much am I reducing the wilderness time for myself through obedience to God?”

As long as we don’t mentally challenge error’s aggressiveness with spiritual weapons, we will remain victims of evil.

We need to be awake to the apathy that would postpone mentally handling the errors which the aggressive forces of evil claim to produce. Unless we are alert, we are liable to be deceived by the mesmeric suggestion that we don’t want to tackle evil, so that we can reduce it to its native nothingness. A hypnotic sense of physical and mental well-being doesn’t want to be disturbed by having to exert itself, and challenge the boastful claims of materialism. Our church Manual states: “It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind.” The words “not be made to” are especially important.

In these strenuous times, the full weight of spiritual thinking must be called upon to meet evil at its source, to meet it as the wicked perversion of everything that is good. To be safe, we must listen, and know definitely and forcefully, each day that God, good, is everywhere, and that He governs and controls our thinking, and that no other control can exist or operate. Every true thought that man has, comes from God, and anything unlike God, whether it is a fallen sparrow or a war, can be proved to be unreal and powerless, since they have no place in His universe.

The thing called aggressive mental suggestion is a lie, nothing claiming to be something. It is nothing, no thing. It has no father, no mother, no source or origin. It has no law to operate under, nor any substance to manipulate. As a logical conclusion we can know that evil, having no source or cause, can have no effect, no result; no planned action; no substance for expression, no evidence, no reality.

We can’t afford to be stragglers, for that would only lengthen the struggle. With the power of spiritual knowing, Truth can quickly triumph over the misconceptions of nations, even though they have been held captive by others, or have hundreds of years of tyranny to be freed from. God’s laws of perfection, peace, and freedom apply to everyone everywhere, just as surely as they apply to us individually.

Our duty to God is to acknowledge Him as the only presence and power. From this obedience comes our ability to do our duty to humanity, and to hasten the dawn of universal and enduring peace. “For the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.” (Mark)

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