Mrs. Eddy, the Comforter

From The Healer by , page 202

Mary Baker Eddy discovered this practical truth and healed a multitude of suffers through her demonstration of divine law, and then established her discovery in a form that would enable millions to accomplish similar results. The resistance of the carnal mind to this final revelation of Truth and its demonstration, has endeavored to keep this practical example hidden and misunderstood for decades.

“After intensive study of the Scriptures to discover and understand more of this law, she put her findings to the test, and healed cases of disease as they had not been healed since the day of Jesus and the apostles. Next she undertook the laborious task of committing to the pages of a book her sublime discovery; and thus . . . today in her revelation of provable, spiritual law may we find the realization of Isaiah’s dreams, of Jeremiah’s vision and John’s apocalyptic promise.”

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