The Early Years

From The Healer by , page 10

“When Mrs. Eddy was a very young woman she started a primary school, and among her pupils was a very bad boy who had caused his parents and playmates continual trouble and apprehension. Mrs. Eddy dealt patiently with him, but seemingly to no avail. Finally, one day she required him to remain after school until the other children had gone home; then she began to talk with this boy, not upbraiding him, but telling him about the Love of God for him, and also praying for him. When the boy reached home that night, his whole rapture had undergone an utter transformation through this transmuting touch of divine Love, as expressed to him by his teacher. His parents were astonished and spoke to her later about it, saying that the hateful disposition which he had formerly shown had been entirely dispelled, and he was now gentle and loving and obedient. The boy had manifested great interest in the Bible, and now loved to read it, while his reverence and affection for his teacher were unbounded.”

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