Resisting Aggressive Mental Suggestions


Any suggestion that tries to tell us that there is power in evil of any kind, must be resisted vigorously, if we want to be free from the effects of this negative thinking.

Our thinking has to be freed from every belief in the power of evil, which is imposed by materiality, if we want to live happy, fearless, and successful lives. In other words, we must understand that all that is real is perfect, and is supported by God, the underlying divine Principle of all life.

To the degree that we see and acknowledge that there is a Principle which supports harmonious life, intelligent activity, healthy being, everything good, to that degree do we allow God’s government to appear in our lives. This understanding unfolds progressively, as we use it consistently in our daily life.

When we begin to think more in terms of recognizing that the God-Principle governs us, rather than of our own abilities or disabilities, we discover our true selfhood under God’s government. We no longer accept the suggestion that we are limited or fearful human beings, but that somewhere deep down inside is our true selfhood, “made in God’s image and likeness.” We see ourselves as God’s expressions, who naturally reflect the unlimited intelligence and insight of divine Mind itself! In fact, where else could intelligence come from? Surely matter could not originate intelligence.

We then begin to put these wonderful truths into practice, and our lives become more productive of good. We begin to understand the “sunlight of Truth,” which frees us from the bondage of evil beliefs and fear. Limitations will drop away, and we will find ourselves free to express the glorious selfhood of the children of God.

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