Excerpts From Judge Hanna’s Memoirs


In 1898, when work had accumulated to such an extent that I wrote Mrs. Eddy for permission to resign some of my places, she asked me to adopt a method of relief by taking certain hours each day for self work, during which I was not to be interrupted by anyone for any purpose. She said that had she not adopted such a course, she never could have accomplished her work.

“I ask you to keep a time for meditation every day. Ponder in thought your infinite, harmonious, Christ-expressing self-hood and claim it as you. Drink in its perfection, its moral beauty, its integrity, worth, its unspeakable safety; all the truth and beauty of God’s creation is yours and you. Enjoy it in sincere prayer and thanksgiving. Preserve your human sense of yourself rightly by dwelling in a definite treatment every day, within the sanctity and integrity of your real self-hood.

In that hour of prayer, discard all your sense of self-hood – that is involved in the belief of birth, heredity, association, time, decay, death. By the grace and authority of God close your thought firmly against the interference of mortal beliefs. Hold yourself open to the plan of God and closed to the plots of satan. Rise into the spiritual forces of your own being and destiny.

This magnificent spiritual exercise of treating yourself in devoted prayer and praying for yourself will keep you in the secret place which is unknown to the senses and open to all heaven holds for you. And safe! The secret place of right understanding of yourself – Himself reflected – is as safe as eternity.”

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