A Slow Healing


When I came into Christian Science, I was a broken man, mentally and physically.

I asked a practitioner for help solely for physical relief. When I asked for this help, I was in a state of hopelessness, and with just about enough faith to give it a fair trial.

I was suffering with a stomach disease, which I’d had for many years. It was causing me great pain day and night, I had lost thirty pounds, and I was barely able to conduct my business. I was in desperate straits.

Christian Science gave me almost immediate relief. It relieved my mental condition, eased the pain and suffering, and filled me with hope. The healing itself was slow. I came up out of the depths of despair, into a blessed sense of health, hope, and peace, slowly but surely. It was about four months before I was able to say I was completely healed, and about a year before I fully regained the strength and weight I had lost. But I have always been grateful that my healing was slow. It gave me the opportunity that I desperately needed, and the incentive to study Christian Science, which I eagerly and earnestly did.

During this time I gained a better, higher understanding of God and His goodness. I was filled with a trust in Him that was genuine and sincere. The understanding that God is an ever-present help in all times of trouble, together with learning the unreality of evil that I have found in studying Science and Health, has relieved me of the fear and apprehension that hung over me like a nightmare.

The hope, the peace, and the comfort that have come into my life, through the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, in Christian Science, can never be estimated or repaid, except through my love, gratitude, and faithful service.

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