One of the greatest works of Christian Science is to restore people’s lost hope, by showing them that all help is from God, and is always present, everywhere. No one ever needs to be without hope. The Bible is filled with examples of hope, when people turned to God for help.

Christian Science healing differs from other methods of treatment, because it inspires hope and inspiration. This is most clearly seen in cases where a patient is told that he’s incurable. In these cases, the patient is hopeless, because he’s been told by modern medicine that there’s nothing that can save him. Many testifiers at our Wednesday evening healing services, tell of their hopeless state of thought before coming into Christian Science.

How different things are when the patient understands that God is his help, and that nothing is impossible to God. There is no incurable disease! With this assurance, hope springs up, fear is annihilated, and healing follows. Christian Science brings not only healing, but peace as well.

Part of the work of Christian Science is to overcome and destroy the belief that disease can ever be incurable. The example and works of Jesus teach us this lesson of hope to mankind. Jesus never hesitated to deal with organic as well as functional disease. The Bible tells us that he healed “all manner of disease,” and the ones specifically mentioned were often incurable.

The understanding that the healing of disease is “not supernatural, but supremely natural,” (S&H) and that it’s not a matter of divine favor, but man’s divinely bestowed right to be well, stimulates faith in God, good, and renews man’s hope of deliverance.

The promise of healing of sin and disease, through the truths taught in Christian Science, has brought happiness and peace to thousands, and harmony to desolate and discordant homes.

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