God’s Elect


Humanity is looking for a savior. People everywhere have problems which appear unsolvable, and they are searching for something to help them solve these problems. There is a need to find a safe way to conduct business, the economy, and government. We are standing at the threshold of an era of tremendous conflict of thought. Unknown paths lie ahead. A power greater than human wisdom is needed to cope with the elements which would obstruct the progress of the human race.

Throughout the world, men and women are elected to manage the affairs of their communities. People hope these officials will be able to save them from trouble and disaster. Sometimes they do. More often, there’s confusion, helplessness, or wrongdoing. People find it difficult to get along and work together. However, the world’s progress depends upon group action.

In the last few years, leaders of many countries have tried to fulfill the hopes placed in them. Yet, in spite of these sincere efforts, the need of humanity for deliverance from the belief of evil was never greater. Those who put their trust in people or material methods, no matter how good they may seem to be, will eventually be forced to put their trust in God. There’s one universal Savior able to meet all the world’s needs. It’s the Christ, “the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.”

Science and Health defines Christ as “the true idea voicing good, the divine message from God to men speaking to the human consciousness.” This holy power can’t be barred from any gathering, nor eliminated from any situation. The Christ is everywhere.

We must recognize that the power of the Christ is at work, right where people are struggling with problems. We must know that the Christ, Truth, can control everything. God’s message to men declares the supremacy of good. The Christ doesn’t need time to accomplish its mission of salvation.

Jesus lived the Christ. When a need appeared, this divine power healed the sick and fed hungering thousands. The Christ is active everywhere. There’s no secret meeting place where its influence is not present. If men conspire to make war, the Christ is there, a commanding influence, before which this sinful belief loses its false aspect of glory, and vanishes. Where groups are working to overthrow the God’s Elect foundations of Christian civilization, in their very midst is the ever-presence of the Christ. Where mortals plot criminal offenses, the Christ is present, compelling evil beliefs to fail and depart from human consciousness. To the Christ, evil has neither place nor power, and the will of God is being done. The government of the nations rests upon the shoulder of the ever-present Christ.

Christ, the divine Comforter, is banishing the false sense of sin, disease, death, and destruction from men’s lives, and is revealing man as the son of God. Mrs. Eddy has written of God’s elect: “Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples — imperatively, absolutely, finally — with divine Science.” (S&H)

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